Exporting Weight data from Garmin Connect

Garmin connect is a great place to collect all of your fitness data together from your weight to calories burnt etc.

Recently I was asked if I could get the weight at a out of the site for use in EXCEL so I had a little dig around and found the following:

Once you are logged into the Garmin Connect portal you can then copy/paste this URL into your browser bar hit return and you’ll see the data.

Copy and paste the WHOLE document or save it to your hard drive and then head to https://json-csv.com/ where you can convert that data to a CSV for use in Excel etc

To edit the start and end dates you will need to use the website https://www.epochconverter.com/ and replace the numbers in from=[FROM EPOCH] and until=[TO EPOCH]


8 thoughts on “Exporting Weight data from Garmin Connect

  1. Thanks for this – a bit tricky to get to work. First, the second number in the link needs to be an Epoch number for the last date you want. That converts to May 30, 2018. You need to replace it with the last date in your string using the Epoch converter link, followed by 4 9’s

    Once you have the data into an Excel spreadsheet, you don’t need the Epoch converter, just use this link to convert the Epoch date to a readable date (atlhough for Mac I found you need to use 1900 not 1904) to get the right date).


    Finally, in Excel, if you want to convert to pounds, use this formula, with [cell] equalling the cell with the weight figures (appearing in grams).

    =CONVERT([cell],”g”, “lbm”)

    1. Thanks for the extra work on this. I got the data my friend needed but this is all very helpful. I’ll probably create form to get the data out soon 🙂

  2. I’ve been wanting to track and compare my weight data with the various calorie data, specifically the “Calories Remaining” data. My goal is to correlate weight changes over time with remaining calorie data. Where are you guys finding these URLs and parameter names (e.g. weightWithOutbound, dailyHeartRate, dailySleep) for exporting data? Is this documented anywhere? I’d love to extract more of my personal data from Garmin Connect and post process it myself.

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