Add google +1 to your site easily

Everyone is talking about Google + 1 right now so it’s worth getting the button setup on your website so those using the service can recommend you to others.

Firstly you need to include some Javascript into your website:


This is best placed as the last item before your closing body tag -> @@

Next up you just need to add this line of code wherever you want the +1 button to appear.


In essence that’s all you need to do BUT I’ve got a few ideas to make you +1 button work a bit harder for you…

Firstly, you probably don’t want everyone to see how many +1’s you have to begin with. Having a +1 with a very low number harks back to the days of the hit counter showing you’ve had 3 visitors… So to combat this (just until you get to your first million or so +1’s of course…) make the following change:


Another thing you may want to do if you have a multi-homed website or just want your site as a whole to register under +1 as opposed to individual pages then you’ll want to change it to this (substituting my domain with your own):


Finally you might want both of them together which is just a case of:


So, if you like this article give me a +1 and I’ll see you over on Google…

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