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Validate UK Driving Licence number using REGEX (DVLA)

Regex to determine the validity of a UK Driving Licence number

How to easily transfer Epub’s and PDF’s to your kindle

How to easily transfer Epub’s and PDF’s to your kindle

Validate MRZ passport numbers with Regex and PHP

Recently I needed to validate passports using the Machine Readable Passport Zone (MRZ) numbers using Regex.

Exporting Weight data from Garmin Connect

Garmin connect is a great place to collect all of your fitness data together from your weight to calories burnt etc.

Recently I was asked if I could get the weight at a out of the site for use in EXCEL so I had a little dig around and found the following:

Adding days to a date in Excel

It’s one of those things I end up googling overtime I need to do it so, in the spirit of this blog, I’m going to write down everything I learn about this topic here so I know where to find it in the future!

Connect SequelPro to Homestead Vagrant Mysql database

In my experience the best way to connect SequelPro on my Mac to a Homestead Vagrant MySQL database is via SSH. Here is a guide to the setttings you need

Posting a form in WordPress sends you to a 404 page

Ever tried posting a form to a Wordpress page and just got a 404 page in return? This should help you fix it!

Turn a SimpleXML object into a PHP array

Nice simple quick trick but makes dealing with SimpleXML so much easier!

Excel/VBA equivalent of the PHP Implode function

On a recent data import between Xero and OnePageCRM I needed to turn multiple column address into an address list into a single line. For this I needed the PHP implode function so I wrote one for Excel

HP Photosmart Printer drops out using BT Homehub 3

Many months ago I purchased an HP Photosmart 5520 Wireless printer/scanner to use in the home office. Initially it ran very well but as we were doing some work on the house I simply plugged it in whenever I happened to need it. Once the building work had finished the printer was installed in a more permanent position and the problems started to reveal themselves.

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