Although you can run multiple apps per vagrant box I’ve always been happier running Homestead in the Per Project mode.  It keeps things neat and tidy for me.  I’ve also found with more complex setups that Laravel Valet doesn’t always work as intended.

Using the default passwords the step as are as below.  If you start changing your defaults this may not work for you…

Ok, first step is to open SequelPro and create a new connection by clicking the small plus sign in the bottom left.

Add a connection to Sequel Pro

Next up click the SSH button in the connection window.

Choose SSH connection type in SequelPro

Now simply fill in the following details:


MySQL Host
Leave empty (3306 as default)
SSH Host (Or whatever you set yours too in your Homestead.yaml file)
SSH User
SSH Password
SSH Port
Leave empty
Connect using SSL checkbox
Leave empty

Now click Test Connection.

You will be asked if you want to trust the SSH server.  Choose Yes and you are good to go!