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HP Photosmart Printer drops out using BT Homehub 3

Many months ago I purchased an HP Photosmart 5520 Wireless printer/scanner to use in the home office. Initially it ran very well but as we were doing some work on the house I simply plugged it in whenever I happened to need it. Once the building work had finished the printer was installed in a more permanent position and the problems started to reveal themselves.

Quite often you would be able to print then 30 minutes later the printer would have disappeared from the network resulting in a reboot of both the printer and the Homehub. Mostly this solved the issue but seriously dented the “convenience” of a wireless printer.

I initially tried playing around with the printers own settings to no avail. After this I went to the HP forums to see if anyone else had a similar problem but was left feeling largely underwhlemed by the support experience which generally gave people a huge list of things to try that would have no bearing at all on the issues they were experiencing (With 20 years of IT support experience I feel qualified to make this statement). So the search began in earnest to try and find a solution myself.

My company, Pentangle, have been providing IT support to lots of companies for many years and we’d never been fully happy with any of the DSL routers in the marketplace. Even expensive kit like Cisco had it’s foibles so we set about building something to our own specs. Plenty of Googling later and someone far more technical then myself had built us a Tomato based router on an ASUS RT-16n box. Coupled with lots of fancy QoS rules it was ready to replace my BT Homehub.

Initially I setup the Tomato at home to test the performance benefits of the device over the BT home hub but had no idea that it was about to solve my printing headache! And Lo and behold the HP Photosmart 5520 has now started working faultlessly.

So, the solution it seems is to ditch the BT Homehub in favour of a different router. We’re testing out some NETGEAR equipment at the moment and hope to report back on that but if, in the meantime, you are desperate give Pentangle a call and order one of our routers!

PS I’ve been told this happens on the latest BT Homehub 4 too…

Apple TV cannot be seen using BT Homehub 3 Wireless

I recently found my Apple TV to not be appearing in my iTunes meaning I could not stream video to it or access any content on my computer using Home Sharing

The fix is incredibly simple it turns out after hours of Googling and changing settings.

Simply do the following:

1. Go to “http://bthomehub.home”:http://bthomehub.home in your web browser of choice.
2. Go to settings and enter your password.
3. Now go to wireless and select WPA or WPA2 only as your security setting.
4. Do a restart of all devices just to be safe and to make sure everything is saved.

You should now be able to see your Apple TV once again!

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